Recognising the impact of rising bills, the government is distributing £100 million of new grant funding in 2023/24 for local authorities.

This fund will support economically vulnerable households in their area with Council Tax bills.

Who will get the discount?

Local authorities will use most of their funding to reduce Council Tax bills for current working-age and pension-age Local Council Tax Support (LCTS) claimants by up to £25.

The discount should apply if you receive Council Tax Support with an outstanding council tax liability for the 2023/24 financial year. 

  • Where a taxpayer’s liability for 2023/24 is, following the application of council tax support, less than £25, then their liability would be reduced to nil. 
  • Where a taxpayer’s liability for 2023/24 is nil, no reduction to the council tax bill will be available, and those bills should not be credited.

There is no need to make a claim for this support. If a resident receives Council Tax Support, the additional support will automatically be added to your annual Council Tax bill dated 6 March 2023

Discretionary Council Tax Support Fund

It is for local authorities to decide how to treat households that become eligible for Council Tax Support during the financial year. North Norfolk District Council have agreed to provide up to £25 additional support to any resident who becomes newly entitled to Council Tax Support throughout the financial year 2023/24 until the fund runs out.

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