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The Chairman of the Council is Dr Clive Stockton

What does the Chairman of the Council do?

The Chairman of the Council has both a Civic and a Council role. This includes representing the whole Council during his/her term of office:

  • Promoting public involvement in the Council’s activities
  • Being an ambassador for the District, attending civic and ceremonial functions as the district’s first citizen
  • Acting as a link between the Council and various groups and organisations
  • Presiding over meetings of the Council so that its business can be undertaken efficiently and with regard to the rights of councillors and the interests of the community
  • Upholding and promoting the Council’s Constitution and interpreting rules of procedure at meetings of Full Council
  • Ensuring that the Council meeting is a forum for the debate of matters of relevance and concern to the local community
  • Calling meetings of the Full Council in addition to ordinary meetings
  • Attending meetings of the Cabinet and other Committees as appropriate
  • Receiving recommendations from the Cabinet and Scrutiny Committee
  • The Chairman has a casting vote in all decisions taken by the Council and this is exercised in the event of a tie at a Council meeting.

How is the Chairman appointed?

The Chairman is elected by District Councillors at the Full Council in May each year. The Vice-Chairman is appointed at the same meeting.

Who can be Chairman?

Any elected Member of the Council is eligible for appointment to the office of Chairman unless s/he is a Member of the Cabinet.

Who is the Vice-Chairman?

The Vice-Chairman is Cllr Jeremy Punchard

You can see a list of past Chairman and Vice-Chairman of North Norfolk District Council