The Combined Enforcement Team investigates

  • alleged breaches of planning control.

Allegations will be investigated thoroughly and accurately according to the principles of the Regulators Code.

Reporting Breaches of Planning Control

Certain types of building works or changes of use are defined as 'permitted development' meaning that an application for planning permission is not required. For more information view our Is planning permission needed? page.

Planning permission may already have been granted for the works you are concerned about.  You can check this by ‘viewing an application’.

However, if you are concerned that a development or activity is taking place without planning permission or does not comply with planning permission already granted please report it by:

  • letter to Combined Enforcement, NNDC Council Offices, Holt Road, Cromer, Norfolk NR27 9EN

Works to Protected Trees and Hedges and Listed Buildings

If you believe unauthorised work to protected trees and hedges is being undertaken please contact the Council’s Conservation, Design and Landscape team in writing or in urgent cases phone 01263 516142.

What happens next

After carrying out an initial investigation the enforcement officer will determine if a breach of planning control has taken place.  There are a range of action that the Council can take these are explained in the Local Planning Enforcement Plan.

The Council has to target its resource to tackling the priority cases.  How the Council does this is set out in the Local Planning Enforcement Plan

Once formal notices have been served, these become public documents and can be viewed online.