If you have a problem with pests, North Norfolk District council have an approved contractor for pest control.

Millennium Pest Control is our approved contractor for pest control; they provide residents with a discounted service at rates which are significantly lower than market rates.

Millennium Pest Control can be contacted on 01263 804329 or by email enquiries@millenniumpestcontrol.co.uk

When contacting Millennium Pest Control please advise them that you live in North Norfolk. If you want to book an appointment online then please visit the Millennium Pest Control website.

Millennium Pest Control charges for North Norfolk residents
Problem (property includes Land) Cost

Rats and mice on caller's property

£32.40 (inc VAT) for up to 3 visits

Any of the following on caller's property: Fleas, carpet beetles, cockroaches, cluster flies, garden ants

£32.40 (inc VAT) per visit for a 2 bedroom property

Wasps and hornets

£31.20 (inc VAT) for the first nest.


Contact Millennium Pest Control for a quotation on any other species (including bed bugs, moles, squirrels, rabbits, pigeons).


For information relating to identification of bees and whether the nest you have can be removed, please see either the British Beekeepers Association or the Bumble Bee Conservation Trust websites.


If you are concerned about a rat infestation in your neighbourhood, we can ensure action is taken. Please contact the Environmental Protection team with details and we will investigate.