Our ambition for Age Friendly North Norfolk is to nurture friendly, supportive communities in which people can grow old and places where people age well.

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It is where:

  • older people are valued
  • feel respected and appreciated
  • are seen as the assets they are

Age Friendly North Norfolk is one of the key priorities of the North Norfolk Health and Wellbeing partnership, and lead by the North Norfolk Older People Working Group.

North Norfolk District Council has committed to developing Age Friendly Communities across our district, aligning with the UK Network of Age Friendly Communities.

What is an Age Friendly community?

The following video is courtesy of the Centre for Ageing Better.

Age Friendly business

Why should a business be Age Friendly?

For customers, service users, residents and visitors

  • Older residents will experience increased accessibility to their community and its facilities.
  • Residents can have confidence and trust that they are considered in service delivery and can access businesses safely.
  • Older residents will feel a sense of belonging by being considered in decision-making and business delivery and knowing that they will be treated with respect and dignity when using services.
  • Increased access to communities means decreased isolation.
  • Physical activity is increased as older residents can confidently access and move around their community.

For businesses and services

  • The spending power of disabled and older households, sometimes called the UK 'purple pound' and 'grey pound', is worth £594 billion a year. Older people and people with dementia generate a significant economic benefit to their high street.
  • Research from the Alzheimer's Society shows that 83% of people with memory problems have switched their shopping habits to more accessible places.
  • By advertising yourself as an Age and Dementia Friendly business, you're letting older people know that you value their business and are committed to serving them.
  • If using your business is easier, people will return more often and spend money.

Age Friendly Register

Businesses that commit to becoming more age friendly will be listed as age friendly on our Age Friendly register below. Age Friendly businesses will also display an Age Friendly North Norfolk window sticker.

Age Friendly Register

Business name Italio's Restaurant
Address 33 Nowhere Close
Type of business Restaurant
Contact details 01603 234567
Age Friendly
Sit You Down
Business name Italio's Restaurant
Address 33 Nowhere Close
Type of business Restaurant
Contact details 01603 234567
Age Friendly
Sit You Down

Sit you down North Norfolk

Sit you down aims to address issues of social isolation and motivate older people to feel confident about leaving their homes and playing an active part in their local communities. It does this by encouraging local businesses and community premises to join the campaign and offering people a chance to sit and 'catch their breath'.

Participating members will receive Sit you down window stickers and chair markers to display. They're also encouraged to go further by making toilet facilities available and offering tea, coffee or a glass of water wherever possible. 

When older people see the sticker displayed, they can be sure of a warm welcome and the offer of a seat. There are no strings attached, and there is no pressure to buy anything. 

Businesses who take part will also be recorded on the Age Friendly register.

Contact us

If you would like to sign up as an Age Friendly business, offer a seat under the Sit you down scheme, or would like more information, please email agefriendly@north-norfolk.gov.uk.

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