Find out how we allocate social housing in North Norfolk.

How the Housing Allocation Scheme works

When someone applies for housing with the council, the criteria in the Scheme determines if they are eligible and qualify for social housing. If they do qualify for social housing they will join the council’s housing register (housing waiting list).

The North Norfolk Housing Allocations Scheme has been designed to be used by North Norfolk District Council and the Registered Providers and Housing Associations who participate in the North Norfolk Your Choice Your Home Scheme.

Affordable housing in North Norfolk is a very limited resource and demand is significantly higher than supply. The Council currently has over 2,400 applicants on its housing list waiting for a home. This means that even people with high housing need have to wait a long time for a home.

The Council is currently reviewing how homes are allocated to make sure people have homes that meet their needs, prioritising those who need it most, and making the application process easier.

If you have any queries on how housing is allocated or you would like a copy of the current scheme, please email