Read the success stories of some of our apprentices at the Council.


"I would highly recommend taking up an apprenticeship at NNDC to anyone. I am now 12 months into my 18-month HR apprenticeship and cannot praise highly enough the amount of training, support and development opportunities I have been given both within my team and the Council as a whole."

"Taking on an apprenticeship means you are learning on the job, this experience is invaluable and something you wouldn’t get from studying alone. Many professions require a qualification and getting that through an apprenticeship means you are combining the technical knowledge of studying with the practical ‘hands on’ experience that can only be taught by doing the job”

Keri Leggett
Human Resources Apprentice

"I would encourage anyone who is thinking of applying for a job here, especially for an Apprenticeship post, to go for it. I find the general working atmosphere and staff morale to be extremely positive and it is a genuinely friendly place to work. I have received a huge amount of support and encouragement from the team I directly work with and from colleagues all around the organisation, which I feel has massively contributed to me achieving success in my qualifications. I am excited for where my qualifications gained at NNDC will lead me to in my career."

Hollie Beattie
Assistant Technical Officer

"I worked as a Business Administration Apprentice for the HR and Accountancy teams for over a year. I gained a great deal of experience about the world of work and I am now an Accountancy Assistant with the Finance team under a permanent contract."
James Moore
Accountancy Assistant

"I have worked at NNDC for just short of two years and it has been by far the most enjoyable and rewarding opportunity I have ever had. The staff are all friendly and look after each other, the workplace is an enjoyable and happy place to be and most of all NNDC really looks after its staff whilst providing excellent benefits and a huge amount of online and in house training. Even though I travel almost three hours a day to get here, I am more than happy to do so because I actually enjoy working here."

Kieron Larcombe
Web Developer

"I have been working here for about 18 months, I started as an apprentice in November 2016 and in August 2017 I was successful in becoming a permanent member of staff. Later that year, in November 2017, I won an award for Outstanding Achiever of the Year for my progression during my first year of employment.

NNDC is a great place to work, currently holding Silver standard with Investors in People. There is always opportunity to undertake further training to improve both work performance and yourself as an individual."

Nicola Wray
Benefits Officer

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