Find out how to apply for a campsite licence and the rules and regulations for owning and running a site.

Why do I need a site licence?

Where a site has appropriate planning permission, the site owner must have a campsite licence, which is required under current legislation and issued by North Norfolk District Council. Planning permissions are individual to each site so permissions may vary.

Please note that there is no fee for a campsite licence, but we cannot issue a licence without corresponding planning permission.

A campsite licence applies to any moveable dwelling as defined in the Public Health Act 1936 and is required by owners of camping sites for either of the following:

  • the use of land for camping purposes on more than 42 consecutive days or more than 60 days in any 12 consecutive months
  • the keeping of a moveable dwelling on any one site, or two or more sites in succession if any of those sites is within 100 yards of another of them, for more than the same periods as detailed above

The licence ensures that the standards are being maintained to protect the safety and public health of the users. For example, providing adequate space between the moveable dwellings will reduce the likelihood of fire spreading and ensure that fire precautions are maintained to an appropriate standard.

Other considerations may be that any electricity supply to the site is safe and that there are adequate water, sanitation, and recreational space facilities. Site owners must show they have assessed these risks to protect the public from harm.

How long is the licence valid for?

Once issued, the license remains indefinite unless surrendered or revoked.


The following situations do not require licensing:

  • moveable dwellings kept by the owner on land occupied by the owner in connection with their dwelling if used only by the owner or household members
  • moveable dwellings kept by the owner on agricultural land occupied by the owner and used for habitation only at certain times of the year and only by persons employed in farming operations on that land
  • moveable dwellings not in use for human habitation kept on premises by an occupier who does not permit moveable dwellings to be held there for habitation

Also, organisations granted a certificate of exemption by the Minister, being satisfied that the:

  • camping sites belonging to, provided by or used by the organisation are properly managed and kept in good sanitary condition


  • the moveable dwellings are used to not give rise to any nuisance


The Council may attach to licences the following conditions.

Licences authorising the use of land

  • number of classes of moveable dwellings
  • space between them
  • the water supply and for securing sanitary conditions

Licences authorising the use of a moveable dwelling

  • the use of that dwelling, including space to be kept free between dwellings
  • securing its removal at the end of a specified period and for securing sanitary conditions

The licensing conditions are specific to each site. However, our general conditions are available to view. 

Site inspections

Council officers will do the following:

  • inspect and licence camping sites
  • conduct unannounced site inspections to ensure licence conditions are being upheld
  • investigate complaints

How to apply

Please complete the application form to apply for or transfer a campsite licence.

All applications must have an appropriate planning reference as evidence of planning permission and a site plan to scale, with the site's boundaries marked in red. The plan should indicate the position of roadways, fire or emergency points, facilities, and pitch locations.

Where to send your application

By email  

Or by post

Environmental Health Department
Licensing Team
North Norfolk District Council
Holt Road 
NR27 9EN

Making a complaint about a site

If you have any complaints or concerns about any sites, please contact the Public Protection team at or call 01263 513811.