The Council's Statement of Community Involvement (SCI) was approved in January 2016.  It encourages discussion between the applicant/developer and the public before an application for any major development is made and this is now a Local Validation requirement

 In most cases it would be expected that: 

  • The applicant shall engage with Parish/Town Councils likely to be affected by the proposal; 
  • The applicant shall seek to make affected communities aware of the proposals (either through a combination of notices, leaflet drop, social media, press release, website) and, 
  • Where appropriate, hold a public meeting/exhibition so that people can view plans and discuss the proposals with the applicant; and 
  • Provide an opportunity for the local community affected to provide feedback on the plans/proposals within a reasonable timeframe prior to submission of the planning application.

The Council would expect the applicant/developer to support major applications with statements explaining what community consultation has been carried out, the outcome of consultations and any amendments made to the scheme as a result.

Community consultation is also mandatory for wind turbine applications involving 2 or more turbines or any turbines with a hub height of 15m or more.

The following sites below are currently subject of pre-app consultation. Copies of the documents supplied by the applicant/developer are available below together with details of how to provide any feedback on the proposals.

Field Dalling - Highfields, Holt Road - Erection of 16 Dwellings for Broadland Housing Group

A consultation event is being held by Broadland Housing Group at Field Dalling Village Hall on: 

 A document setting out Site Context, Site Analysis, Evolving Concept Design, and Design Approach is available.  

Any responses to the consultation should be sent by email to

Closing date: 18 September 2017