The Brownfield Land Register is a register of previously developed land which is suitable for residential development

Local planning authorities have to publish a brownfield land register as part of The Town and Country Planning Regulations 2017. The register was first published on 18 December 2017 and must be updated yearly.

The register has two parts:

Part 1

It is a list of brownfield sites across the district considered suitable for residential development regardless of their planning status.

Part 2

It is a subsection of Part 1 and will include only sites that the local authorities consider that permission in principle (a new planning consent route) should be granted. The Town and Country Planning (Permission in Principle) Order 2017 provides that sites entered on Part 2 of the registers will be granted permission in principle.

North Norfolk District Council has not at present proposed granting 'Permission in Principle' (Part 2) for any of the sites included on the Brownfield Land Register.

Relevant documents

Brownfield Map

Explore the NNDC interactive online map to view the Brownfield Register information.

Brownfield sites

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