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Find out more about the Emerging Local Plan

The new Local Plan will provide the planning policy context for development across the whole of North Norfolk for the period 2016 - 2036. The main elements which will form the single Plan document are:

  • Strategic Policies - These provide the overarching approach to development in North Norfolk, such as where and how much development should take place, and also set the long-term spatial vision, objectives and key policies.
  • Development Management Policies - These cover specific topic areas such as affordable housing, tourism, coastal erosion, and protecting the natural and built environment, and are used in the determination of individual planning applications.
  • Site Allocations - Sets out detailed policies for the development of individual sites to help meet the aims of strategic policies.
  • Policies Map - Shows geographically where policies apply.

The process to produce the new Local Plan is expected to take around 3 years to complete.