Following the success of our original Miyawaki Forest project. In 2023 North Norfolk District Council provided funding and worked with local communities to plant more Miyawaki Forests in the following locations:

  • Beeston Hall School
  • Warren Woods in Cromer
  • Hindringham

In the original Government-funded research project, we divided the forest plots in half, with one side planted using the Miyawaki method and the other using a standard planting method.

Our Community Miyawaki Forest project is not part of this research project. So we have been able to plant the whole area using the Miyawaki method, which should result in faster and stronger growth across the entire plot.

Planting the Miyawaki Forest at Warren Woods CromerPlanting the Miyawaki Forest at Warren Woods, Cromer

Shrubs and tree planted

Species vary across the different sites but include some or all of the following: 

Shrub (smallest species) Sub-tree Tree Canopy (largest species)
Blackthorn Common hawthorn Field Maple Aspen
Dog rose Crab apple Goat Willow Hornbeam
Dogwood Elder Holly Pedunculate oak
Guelder rose  Hazel Rowan Sessile oak
Spindle   Small-leaved Lime Silver birch
Wild privet   Whitebeam  
    Wild cherry  
    Bird cherry   

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