The North Norfolk Help Hub is a partnership of organisations that work together to offer practical support, advice, and guidance.

At times, we all need a little help and support dealing with issues or problems in our life that are hurting our physical, mental, social or financial wellbeing. Getting help as soon as possible can prevent things from getting worse.

The Health and Communities Team are part of the North Norfolk Help Hub. They can provide advice and support with:

  • abuse and exploitation, including domestic abuse
  • benefits
  • carer support
  • employment
  • financial advice
  • home adaptations and assistive technology
  • housing conditions
  • learning
  • local opportunities for leisure interests
  • long term health condition management
  • mental wellbeing
  • social isolation
  • substance misuse
  • wellbeing

How to get support

If you are aged 18 and over and need help or support, please contact the Health and Communities Team Duty Line.


01263 516353


We will discuss the problems and issues you are experiencing and offer advice and guidance. For more complex situations and those requiring face-to-face or in-depth assessment and support, a referral will be made to a Living Well Officer with your consent. They will contact you to discuss the support and help you need. We may get, with your permission, support from other organisations, including those that are part of the North Norfolk Help Hub.

Professionals from other organisations are also welcome to contact the Health and Communities Team Duty Line to request advice and support or discuss a potential referral.

Other support available


The Housing Options team are part of the North Norfolk Help Hub. If the issues are related to homelessness or social housing, particularly Your Choice Your Home application or banding. They have a team of housing advisors who can provide advice or support.

Contact Housing Options:

Phone:  01263 513811



For council tax and housing benefit support, contact the Benefits Team:

Phone:  01263 516349