Housing Benefit and Council Tax support can be claimed by completing a single application form

Before applying: check your property is in North Norfolk

We can only take applications from properties located in North Norfolk.

Find your local council

The quickest and easiest way to make a claim is to apply online.

Before you apply, check if you're eligible.

Apply for Housing Benefit or Council Tax Support

If you have been asked to provide evidence or information in support of a new or existing claim for, Housing Benefit or Council Tax Support the best way to do so is to upload it using our online claim evidence form.

Send supporting evidence

Backdating benefits

A benefit claim can sometimes be backdated. View the backdating benefits page on how to make a claim.

If you or your partner are working-age, if you wish to claim assistance with housing costs, you will need to make a claim for Universal Credit. You can still use this form to claim Council Tax Support.

If you are over pension age, you can use this form to claim Housing Benefit and Council Tax Support.

In most circumstances a claim for Housing Benefit or Council Tax Support or Alternative Maximum Benefit will begin from the Monday after you told us that you are making a claim provided that a completed form is received within one month of that date. Otherwise benefit will begin the following Monday when we have received your completed application form.

Council Tax Support scheme

View our Council Tax Support scheme.

This provides the regulations covered by the scheme for working-age and pension-age households.

Before applying for Council Tax Support, you can check your eligibility to claim using our online calculator.

Council Tax Support scheme documents

Universal Credit

Universal Credit is a single payment which replaces Housing Benefit and other income benefits for people of working-age. Depending on your circumstances and where you live you may need to apply for Universal Credit instead of Housing Benefit.

See if you can apply, visit the Universal Credit page on the government website.

Discretionary Housing Payments (DHP)

If you are receiving Housing Benefit or the housing element from Universal Credit and require additional help to pay your rent we might be able to help you. It is awarded in cases where Housing Benefit or the housing element in Universal Credit does not meet the full rent charge.

Apply for Discretionary Housing Payments