Find out about the benefits of becoming a Deep History Coast ambassador and how to apply

Ambassadors can be anyone who shares our vision of the Deep History Coast. If you want to help promote North Norfolk’s incredible history. Help others discover the beauty and significance of our coast. Become an ambassador! 


The Deep History Coast is an exciting project between North Norfolk District Council, The Norfolk Museums ServiceNational Trails and Visit North Norfolk. We have supported this project with funding 11 discovery points and a discovery centre in Cromer. We’ve also created an exciting digital app with fun features. Helping users discover our incredible history. As well as local information such as tide time tables, weather forecasts and where to get a cup of tea!

Our target is to get people out on our coast to explore and learn about our ancient past. As well as learn about the challenges of being a county on the coast.

If you choose to become an ambassador, we will provide you with the resources to reach out to a wider audience. And in doing so help you to promote your business.

Get in touch!

If you're a local business, local expert or resident. Becoming an Ambassador is a great way to get involved with the Deep History Coast.

You know your business better than anyone. If you have an idea to use the DHC to promote and grow your business we want to hear from you and help make it happen. Whether it’s using it to engage with people on social media, hosting events and competitions or producing DHC themes resources. As long as it fits with the quality, authenticity and values of the Deep History Coast the opportunities are endless.

How to become an Ambassador

Please email your interest to and a member of the team will contact you.

Deep History Coast Ambassadors - come and join us!

We want to make ancient Norfolk an exciting, engaging and fun interactive experience. Which will showcase the incredible finds discovered along our dynamic coast. From Mammoth’s teeth (which are a common find), to ancient footprints and tools. These finds redefine or define our understanding of the life of early man.

We want to encourage people to explore this amazing part of the world. And to open their eyes to the astonishing treasures that can be found along our coast. The Deep History Coast ethos aims to be:

  • Active
  • Imaginative
  • Surprising
  • Engaging
  • Fun

Whether you’re a local business, expert or a resident with a passion for your area, fossil hunting or geology. Becoming an Ambassador is a great way to get involved with the Deep History Coast.

Benefits of being an Ambassador

Ambassadors are a key part of building the DHC brand. You will help to make it a recognisable symbol. Reflecting everything that is unique and special in North Norfolk. The brand with the marketing campaign aims to bring economic growth and sustainable tourism to the area The initiative is and will continue to bring great commercial opportunities for business.

Here are just a few of the benefits:

  • Its free to sign up - there are no catches!
  • Creating a year round offer which will attract a new kind of visitor as well as boosting the summer economy.
  • New visitors, longer dwell time and increased footfall to the area and your business.
  • Wider marketing opportunities and national coverage for the district.
  • A chance to network and share experiences and create opportunities with fellow businesses.
  • Promotional opportunities such as free DHC Ambassador listings on Visit North Norfolk and on the Deep History coast app.
  • Exclusive opportunities and engagement with DHC events and activities. Activities in 2022 included the Mammoth Marathon and Break Charity’s GoGoDiscover trail.