The domestic abuse disclosure scheme or Clare's Law enable victims, or potential victims, of domestic abuse to find out about their partner's criminal history if they have reason to believe that they are at risk of suffering domestic abuse. The scheme has two elements:

  • Right to ask - under the scheme, an individual or relevant third party can ask the police to check whether a current or ex-partner has a violent or abusive past. If records show historical abuse, the police will consider disclosing the information
  • Right to know - allows the police powers to disclose information about a violent or abusive individual, which may impact a current or ex-partner.

How to apply

You can apply by doing either of the following:

Contact the police on 101.

Speak to a:

  • member of staff at any police station
  • Police Officer on the street

Fill in an application on the Norfolk Police website: Request information under Clare's Law: Make a Domestic Violence Disclosure Scheme application.

This information leaflet Clare’s Law The Domestic Violence Disclosure Scheme contains further information about the scheme.