Reference Document title Author Date published
A1 North Norfolk Local Plan Proposed Submission Version (Publication Stage - Regulation 19) NNDC January 2022
A2 Policies Map (Web Link) NNDC January 2022
A3 Sustainability Appraisal Report (incorporating non-technical summary) NNDC January 2022
A4 Habitats Regulations Assessment Footprint Ecology December 2021
A5 Consultation Statement - Submission Version (Reg 22) NNDC May 2023
A5.1 Appendix A: Schedule of Representations at Reg 18 (Individuals) NNDC May 2023
A5.2 Appendix B: Schedule of Representations at Reg 18 (Parish and Town Councils) NNDC May 2023
A5.3 Appendix C: Schedule of Representations at Reg 18 (Organisations) NNDC May 2023
A5.4 Appendix D: Schedule of Representations at Reg 18 (Alternatives Considered) NNDC May 2023
A5.5 Appendix E: Schedule of Representations at Reg 18 (Sustainability Appraisal and Habitat Regulation Assessment) NNDC May 2023
A5.6 Appendix F: Engagement Consultees NNDC May 2023
A5.7 Appendix G: Consultation Notices and Event Information NNDC May 2023
A5.8 Appendix H: Schedule 1 - Schedule of Representations (Local Plan Section Order) NNDC May 2023
A5.9 Appendix I: Schedule 2 - Schedule of Representations (Representor Order) NNDC May 2023
A5.10 Appendix J: Schedule 3 - Summary of Representations received (Regulation 19) and Council Response NNDC May 2023
A5.11 Appendix K: Schedule 4 - Schedule of Proposed Additional Minor Modifications NNDC May 2023
A5.12 Appendix L: Schedule 5 - Schedule of Proposed Additional Main Modifications NNDC May 2023
A6 Full Council Report (authorising proposed submission including additional modifications) NNDC Mar 2023
A7 Equalities Impact Assessment NNDC July 2022
A8 Duty to Cooperate Statement of Compliance NNDC May 2023
A8.1 Duty to Cooperate Statement - Norfolk Strategic Planning Framework, May 2021 NSF May 2021
A8.2 Duty to Co-operate Statement - Norfolk Strategic Planning Framework, June 2019 (superseded) NSF June 2019
A9 Statement of Community Involvement NNDC January 2016
A10 Local Development Scheme (Version 3) NNDC December 2022
A11 PAS Self-Assessment Check Sheet: Soundness Compliance NNDC May 2023
A12 PAS Self-Assessment Check Sheet: Legal and NPPF Compliance NNDC May 2023
A13 Notice of Submission to Secretary of State NNDC May 2023
A13.1 Notice of Submission to General and Specific Consultees NNDC May 2023
A13.2 News release NNDC Awaiting document
A14 Examination Library NNDC May 2023