Find out the locations of North Norfolk District Council run car parks.

North Norfolk District Council runs more than 25 coastal, resort and standard car parks. Our car parks are usually open 24 hours a day and are free from 6pm to 8am.

Parking charges apply from 8am to 6pm and vary based on the type of tariff. 

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Car park locations

Choose a car park location from the drop down list below.


Location: Coast Road
Postcode: NR12 0EW
Tariff: Coastal
Spaces: 40
Surface: Hard standing
Toilets: Approx 350m to public toilets in village


Location: Meadow Road Cadogan Road Promenade Runton Road
Postcode: NR27 9E NR27 9HT NR27 9HE NR27 9AU
Tariff: Resort Resort Resort Coastal
Spaces: 265 120 8 1037
Surface: Tarmac Tarmac Tarmac Grass
Toilets: Yes Yes Yes Yes
EVCP: Yes No No No

East Runton

Location: Beach Road
Postcode: NR27 9PA
Tariff: Coastal
Spaces: 180
Surface: Grass
Toilets: Yes

Height restrictions applicable


Location: Bridge Street Community Centre * Highfield Road Limes and Mill Court Queens Road
Postcode: NR21 9AG NR21 9DY NR21 9DG NR21 9AG NR21 8BS
Tariff: Standard Standard Standard Standard Standard
Spaces: 97 27 73 130 117
Surface: Tarmac Tarmac Tarmac Tarmac Tarmac
Toilets: Yes No Yes No Yes
EVCP: No No No No Yes

Height restrictions applicable


Location: Cart Gap
Postcode: NR12 0QL
Tariff: Coastal
Spaces: 97
Surface: Hard standing
Toilets: Yes


Location: Station Yard Albert Street
Postcode: NR25 6BS NR25 6HX
Tariff: Resort Resort
Spaces: 63 122
Surface: Tarmac Tarmac
Toilets: No Yes
EVCP: No Yes


Location: Beach Road and Gold Park
Postcode: NR11 8BG
Tariff: Coastal
Spaces: 80
Surface: Tarmac
Toilets: Yes

North Walsham

Location: New Road Vicarage Street Bank Loke Mundesley Road Hornbeam Road
Postcode: NR28 9DE NR28 9DQ NR28 8JN NR28 0PB NR28 0FX
Tariff: Standard Standard Standard Standard Free
Spaces: 77 120 84 60 52
Surface: Tarmac Tarmac Tarmac Hard standing Tarmac
Toilets: Yes Yes No Yes No
EVCP: No No Yes No No


Location: Pauls Lane
Postcode: NR27 0PE
Tariff: Coastal
Spaces: 250
Surface: Grass
Toilets: Yes

Sea Palling

Location: Clink Road
Postcode: NR12 0UL
Tariff: Coastal
Spaces: 1000
Surface: Grass
Toilets: No


Location: Chequers Morris Street Cliff Road Station Approach
Postcode: NR26 8BQ NR26 8JY NR26 8BJ NR26 8RG
Tariff: Coastal Resort Coastal Coastal
Spaces: 26 115 94 294
Surface: Tarmac Tarmac Tarmac Tarmac
Toilets: No No No Close by
EVCP: No Yes No No


Location: High Street
Postcode: NR12 9AN
Tariff: Standard
Spaces: 140
Surface: Tarmac
Toilets: No


Location: Staithe Street Stearmans Yard
Postcode: NR23 1AG NR23 1BA
Tariff: Resort Coastal
Spaces: 12 160
Surface: Tarmac Tarmac
Toilets: No Yes
EVCP: No Yes


Location: Beach Road
Postcode: NR25 7SR
Tariff: Coastal
Spaces: 300
Surface: Hard standing
Toilets: No

Electric Vehicle Charging Points (EVCP)

The council has installed a total of 40 electric vehicle charging points, in six of the council's pay and display car parks.

They have been installed at the following locations:

  • Cromer - Meadow Road, West Street, NR27 9DX
  • Fakenham - Queens Road, NR21 9LD
  • Holt - Albert Street, NR25 6HG
  • North Walsham - Bank Loke, NR29 9JN
  • Sheringham - Morris Street, NR26 8JY
  • Wells-next-the-Sea - Stearman’s Yard, Freeman Street, NR23 1BA

Fees and charges

The cost of charging your electric vehicle is a 50p connection fee plus 45p per KW of charge, plus the standard parking fee.

Parking fees are not applicable between 6pm and 8am.

View our electric vehicles and EV charging points page for further information.