Our Environmental Charter

The Council has declared a climate emergency and therefore puts environmental considerations at the heart of its service delivery.

Our Environmental Charter states our commitment to action to achieve net-zero carbon emissions by 2030. It shows how we will use our resources wisely to set a direction through our actions, working with partners and influencing others.

Chapter 1

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The steps that we are taking to achieve net-zero carbon emissions across our estate and operations by 2030.

Chapter 2

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What we will do as community leaders to meet the challenges of the climate change emergency across the district.

Chapter 3

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What you can do to address the climate emergency and help to promote environmental excellence.

Wildflower and pollinator area at the front of North Norfolk District Council headquarters in Cromer, June 2021

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Chapter 1

We are taking steps to achieve net-zero carbon emissions across our estate and operations by 2030.

In April 2019, North Norfolk became the first district council in Norfolk to declare a climate change emergency. Since then, we have pledged to achieve net-zero carbon emissions across our estate and operations by 2030.

We pledge to take the following important steps to deliver this ambitious target:

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We will measure:

  • and publish emission baseline data for the Council’s estate and operations
  • on an annual basis, the progress we have made to reduce the Council’s carbon emissions and will publish the findings
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We will manage:

  • fossil fuel consumption by reducing the carbon footprint of all our operational buildings to achieve net-zero carbon emissions by 2030
  • the carbon footprint of our contractors by evaluating their emissions and carefully considering who we work with
  • waste by becoming a single-use plastic free council by 2023
  • staff travel by developing a Council transport scheme which will promote online meetings and access to environmentally friendly modes of transport such as lift-share schemes, electric cars, bicycles and public transport
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We will mobilise:

  • Council staff and partner organisations through a communication programme which will promote and raise awareness of the steps the Council is taking to tackle climate change across its estate and operations
  • all Council staff to implement this charter and respond to the climate emergency in the performance of their roles
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Chapter 2

What we will do as community leaders to meet the challenges of the climate change emergency across the district.

To meet the challenges of a climate change emergency, we will need to be outward-looking. Beyond the actions, we take to achieve net-zero carbon emissions across our estate and operations. We will work alongside residents, businesses, schools and community groups to influence positive change and help reduce the district's carbon footprint to net zero by 2045.

To do this, we pledge to:

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We will invest in:

  • sustainable communities by providing grants of up to £15,000 for green initiatives, which local town and parish councils and community groups can apply for
  • community transport schemes, which help residents to access local services
  • measures which increase biodiversity within the district, such as planting 110,000 trees by 2023 and delivering biodiversity net gain in a measurable way through the Local Plan
  • local initiatives by providing advice, support, networks and the resources required to enable green growth
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We will support:

  • opportunities for Active Travel schemes that enhance walking and cycling infrastructure across the district
  • the implementation of the 10-point plan for a Green Industrial Revolution by ensuring that we are best placed to secure funding for investment within North Norfolk
  • the emerging clean energy sector by working with partners to explore and enable innovative projects such as hydrogen energy and community renewable energy schemes
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We will inspire:

  • citizens throughout North Norfolk by delivering a climate change public engagement programme which will seek to improve ‘carbon literacy’ across the district
  • businesses within the district by providing a platform to promote green business activities at council-run events such as the annual Greenbuild event
  • a new generation of carbon reduction champions – young or old we want to help everyone to reduce their carbon footprint
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Chapter 3

What you can do to address the climate emergency and help to promote environmental excellence.

We all have a role to play in protecting the natural environment and reducing our carbon footprints. Despite this, it is sometimes hard to know exactly what steps to take and how to make a real difference.

If you want to support us on our journey towards a brighter, more sustainable North Norfolk, you can:

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You can take part:

  • by joining in with public consultations and local events such as 'the big tree giveaway' and the Environment Forum
  • in practical actions on climate change by joining an environmental campaign, community group or activities in your local community
  • in supporting local businesses that are proactively making changes to improve the local environment and reduce their carbon footprint
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You can share:

  • news about Council events, local activities and environmental campaigns on social media
  • information about climate change and environmental challenges with friends and family
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You can sign up:

  • to personal pledges to commit to changing your actions to ones that will have a more positive impact on the environment
  • by emailing us to let us know that you want to find out about news, events and things that you can do to take action to address the climate change and environmental crisis