Learn more about the new grant fund, what funding is available and how to apply

In April 2019, North Norfolk District Council declared a Climate Emergency across the District. To reflect and support the Council’s priorities in respect of climate change and the environment, a new grant fund, The North Norfolk Sustainable Communities Fund has been established.

The aim of the new North Norfolk Sustainable Communities Fund, which has environmental and community sustainability at its heart, is to help build strong and sustainable communities and ensure the long term future and wellbeing of our communities here in North Norfolk.

The North Norfolk Sustainable Communities Fund will help communities to develop new and innovative projects which will communities improve their environment as well as their health and social wellbeing.

By sustainable communities we mean:

Places in which people want to live and work, now and in the future. They meet the diverse needs of existing and future residents, are sensitive to their environment, and contribute to a good and sustainable quality of life.

Funding available and decision process

The North Norfolk Sustainable Communities Fund will assist communities in meeting their needs, with funding now available for both capital and revenue projects that meet the Fund’s criteria.

The Fund is provided by North Norfolk District Council and is available to support community projects throughout the District. The total funding available yearly will be £225,000. The North Norfolk Sustainable Communities Fund grant will be administered by North Norfolk District Council, with the Grants Panel; a politically balanced group made up of 7 elected members, meeting four times a year to award grants of between £1,000 and £15,000.

For grants of under £1,000 a monthly decision panel will now meet, enabling these smaller grants to be turned around much more quickly. Applications for grants of under £1,000 will also now have a shorter, simpler application form, but the sustainable communities criteria will remain the same. The outcome of grant applications are determined by the panel and reported to the NNDC Cabinet through the Minutes of the Meeting.

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Who can apply?

The Fund is available for projects that

  • Demonstrate positive environmental outcomes through capital or revenue projects
  • Clearly demonstrate that they have focused on increasing the positive environmental impacts of the project and on reducing its negative environmental impacts
  • Conserve or enhance the biodiversity of a community
  • Help to promote and/or embed sustainability to the wider community
  • Promote physical and mental wellbeing and healthy within the North Norfolk District geographical area, for example:
    • Local voluntary organisations, charities (whether registered or not) and community groups
    • Parish and Town Councils within north Norfolk
    • Larger regional or national charities or organisations if the funding is to deliver a specific project in north Norfolk
    • Community businesses, social enterprises and other not-for profit organisations

Before you apply

  • Read through the North Norfolk Sustainable Communities Fund Prospectus to ensure that your organisation meets the criteria to apply to the Fund and, also what the funding would be used for meets the funding criteria
  • Contact Sharon Garth on 01263 516248 to discuss your potential application.

Making an application

Once it has been confirmed your application meets both sets of criteria,

  1. Complete one of the following forms:

Guidance notes

* The Declaration section on both forms must have an original signature.

Do not convert the application form to a Word document or any other format or, copy and paste information into the form as this distorts the form formatting.

  1. Complete the Independent Referee form and ask someone who is familiar with and has knowledge of the project to complete it. An original signature is also required on this form.
  2. Complete the Covid Impact form.
  3. Lastly, gather together all the requested documentation including photos and ensuring quotes are on company headed paper; no email quotes will be accepted.

Where to send your application

Once all supporting documentation has been collated please submit your completed application preferably by:

Only applications which are fully completed, signed and accompanied by all supporting documentation that are received by the date below will be accepted.

Completed applications can be made to the fund at any time and will be put forward to the next available panel.

Applications for between £1,000 and £15,000 to go to the next North Norfolk Sustainable Communities Fund Panel will need to reach us no later than Monday 7 November 2022. Applications for under £1,000 can be submitted at any time.

Please contact Sharon Garth on 01263 516248 with any questions regarding completing the application form and the supporting documentation required.

It is anticipated that decisions on grant applications between £1,000 and £15,000 will be made within six weeks of the application deadline date.