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Ensure that your particular building work complies with building regulations

Before starting any building work to your property you should check if you require a building regulations application.  Most work will require an application which you must submit before starting any work.

When should I make an application?

It is a requirement that an application should be submitted where a person is intending to carry out building works which are subject to the requirements of the Building Regulations prior to their commencement.

Building work undertaken without an application may not comply and pose a risk to the health and safety of occupants of the building, cause unnecessary delays when selling the property and may result in the Council taking enforcement action against you.

You should apply for building regulation approval before you start work. If you have started without applying we may still be able to give you approval but you need to tell us straight away.

Apply for approval for:

Fees and Charges


  • By Credit/Debit Card by telephoning Customer Services on 01263 516294 during office hours.
  • By cheque made out to North Norfolk District Council.  This can be posted to Building Control, North Norfolk District Council, Holt Road, Cromer, Norfolk, NR27 9EN

Please note, your application cannot be registered and will not proceed further, until the application charge has been received by the Council.


Submit a Building Control Application online

North Norfolk District Council accepts Building Control Applications and accompanying documents as attachments to an email. Payment can be made by card by telephoning Customer Services on 01263 516294 during office hours or by cheque.

Please read the section Attachments below before going through the following steps to complete your online submission.

Making an application via email

Download the Word version of the relevant forms (you will need MS Word to edit the form.)

1.   Fill in, rename and save a copy of the Word form(s) needed for your application.

2.   Name and save copies of any MS Office format files you are going to send.

3.   Name and save any photographic images, to JPG format.

4.   Name and convert to PDF, any CAD drawings to be sent. 

5.   Start an email to

Include your name, contact details and a list of the files you are attaching.

Include any other details that are relevant. eg the planning application number of any Development Control application for the same site if there is one, the name of any officer to whom you have spoken about the application.

Please indicate which method of payment you will be using - see Payments section below

Attach the files to the email.

6.   Check the email and send it


Individual attachments must not exceed 5MB in size and the total size of attachments to one email must not exceed 25MB. Please send attachments in the following formats:

  • Text - .txt, .pdf, MS Office .doc, .xls, .ppt

  • Video - mpg, avi, wmv
  • Photographs - jpg
  • CAD drawings - please convert these to PDF