Shoreline Management Plans (SMPs) are non-statutory plans for coastal defence management planning.

The aim of an SMP is to provide a strategic assessment of the risks associated with coastal erosion.

The SMPs provide estimates of how the coast is likely to change over the next 100 years, taking into account the future implementation of coastal policies, geology, likely impacts of climate change and the existing condition of the coast including coastal defences.

National refresh process

A national refresh of SMPs began in 2019 to make sure that the plans were up to date in the light of any new evidence, reliable and visible. It also aimed to allow ongoing maintenance and delivery, particularly in guiding policy transitions from 2025 onwards. The refresh process led to new national Supplementary Guidance and Health Check recommendations for each SMP in 2020.

These recommendations are being taken forward, and a national SMP Explorer tool has been developed to allow people to access SMP policies for each part of the coast.

Our SMPs

The two Shoreline Management Plans active along the north Norfolk coastal frontage are the SMP5 (Hunstanton to Kelling Hard) and the SMP6 (Kelling Hard to Lowestoft Ness).

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