The District of North Norfolk has a coastal frontage of approximately 68km stretching from Holkham in the west to Horsey in the south-east.

Coastal protection responsibilities

The Environment Agency has strategic overview of the management of the whole coast, as well as being the responsible authority for both coastal and river flooding.

However, North Norfolk District Council maintains the coastal defences and related coastal infrastructure between Kelling Hard and Cart Gap.

NNDC approach to coastal protection

Our approach is comprised of various coast protection projects, which range from one-off large projects, such as the Cromer Coast Protection Scheme, to annual programmes of maintenance activities.

Coast protection projects are all based on priorities and policies laid out in the relevant Shoreline Management Plans. Details of these are available in the following pages:

  • Shoreline Management PlansShoreline management plans are non-statutory plans for coastal defence management planning. The aim of an SMP is to provide a strategic assessment of the risks associated with coastal erosion.