North Norfolk District Council is working with heritage consultants Purcell to provide up to date Conservation Area Appraisals across the District.

Clearly defining what makes up the special character and sense of place in a Conservation Area enables a clearer understanding of the impact of future development proposals leading to better decision making.

Conservation Area Appraisals have recently been completed and adopted for:

*This is a new Conservation Area

The next round of Appraisals will see the completion of reviews of conservation areas within or next to the Glaven Valley Conservation Area.

The current review programme will include the following areas:

Conservation Area Group Review start date
Glaven Valley B Nov 2022

There will be opportunity for public review of the draft conservation area appraisal documents produced by Purcell prior to adoption.

Please note the Council’s data retention policy. Other than providing your email address, postal address or contact telephone number which will be managed sensitively and will not be used for any purpose other than in relation to this conservation area review, please avoid sending other sensitive personal data which you do not want to be placed in the public domain.