There are 84 designated conservation areas in North Norfolk. You can view individual boundary maps of these conservation areas.

These range from urban market towns such as Fakenham and Holt, to smaller villages like Walsingham and Worstead, as well as large rural conservation areas including Melton Constable Park and Glaven Valley.

You can find out if your property lies within a conservation area by visiting our Core Strategy Map List page, where conservation areas are shown as shaded grey areas or consult the full list of maps, below.

Overlapping conservation areas

A property may be located in more than one Conservation Area.  For example, properties in Thorpe Market Conservation Area may also lie within the Gunton Park Conservation Area.

Conservation Area Appraisal Review

The Council are reviewing conservation areas within North Norfolk. Please visit the Conservation Area Appraisal Review Programme for more information including locations and timetable for review.

Further information about Conservation

Please visit the Historic England website for more information about living within a Conservation Area.

View our web map

Use our web map to view conservation areas in North Norfolk:

  1. Select What would you like to do? in the top left corner
  2. Select Map Features
  3. Select the Cultural Heritage dropdown arrowscreenshot guidance for using the web map to view conservation areas
  4. Select the Conservation Area option to display these areas on the map

A to Z of Conservation area maps for North Norfolk