The Proposals Map shows geographically where the policies in the Core Strategy apply.

The maps consist of a Proposals Map covering the whole district, a map key, and, 24 separate inset maps covering in greater detail the Principal, Secondary, and Service Village settlements. A further map shows the areas relating to the Core Strategy Policy HO9 (Conversion & Re-use of Rural Buildings as Dwellings).

When using the maps you should note the boundaries - lines or patterns, and the colours and/or patterns which cover or enclose the area you are interested in. The map key should then be referred to in order to identify what the policies are and how they may affect your proposal. If you have any difficulty please contact us on 01263 516318.


The Proposals Maps do not show Development Site Allocations. Please see the Site Allocations page for maps of proposed development sites.

Conservation areas are displayed on the Proposals Maps as they relate to the main settlements, however we advise you to view our dedicated and updated maps of Conservation areas.

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