Check your council tax band and charges for your area

Council Tax bandings

There are eight bands, A to H, and the relationship between the Council Tax amounts for each band has been set by the Government, with the basic rate fixed at band D. 

If you’re moving into a new property or cannot remember your current property Council Tax band, you can check this online by looking up its postcode. Search for your council tax band.

Council tax banding and charges for 2024 to 2025

The amount of Council Tax charged across the District varies, as parish and town councils set their own levy, or precept, each year. 

Discounts and Exemptions

If you live on your own or are on a low income you may be entitled to discounts or exemptions in your Council Tax, or you may qualify for Council Tax support.

Holiday accommodation

If you let your property as holiday accommodation and it is available for letting for 140 days or more in a year and has been actually let for periods totalling at least 70 days, your property may be eligible to be rated for business rates. 

Please contact the Valuation Office Agency, who will determine your eligibility to meet the criteria to be in business rates.  

Changes that may affect your Council Tax banding

Your property may be revalued and put in a different band in some circumstances, for example if:

  • you demolish part of your property and don’t rebuild it
  • you alter your property to create 2 or more self-contained units, for example an annexe - each unit will have its own band
  • you split a single property into self-contained flats
  • you convert flats into a single property
  • you start or stop working from home
  • the previous owner made changes to your property
  • there are significant changes to your local area, like a new road being built
  • a similar property in your area has its Council Tax band changed

Ask the VOA if you want to know if changes to your property will affect your Council Tax band.