Information regarding the disposal of your clinical household waste.

There are 2 types of clinical waste collection service provided by us. These services are free for householders and require the use of coloured sacks or sharps boxes.

  • Group A - All human tissue including blood soiled surgical dressings, swabs and other soiled waste from treatment areas.

  • Group B - Used hypodermic needles, not including Cytotoxic/Cytostatic waste

 We cannot collect any needles or dressings that have been used to administer Cytotoxic/Cytostatic medicines or anything you are told to label as Cytotoxic/Cytostatic waste. For advice on how to dispose of these items, please contact the dispensing pharmacy/surgery/hospital.

Please do not place Group A or B waste in either your black sacks, clear recycling sacks or Twin Bins.

  • Group E - Incontinence pads, colostomy bags, used disposable bedpans and bedpan liners. These can be placed in your black bin but should be securely placed in a plastic bag first.