We can collect your used small electrical items as part of your bin collection service.

Please place your electrical items in a carrier bag on top of your black or green bin on your collection day to be recycled.

Please do not mix with any batteries as part of your battery collection.

Frequently asked questions

How do I recycle my small electrical items?

You must put items in a loosely tied standard-sized carrier bag on top of your grey or green bin, ready for your next collection.

How frequently will these items be collected?

You can put these items out with either your grey or green bin for weekly collections.

What size electrical items can I put out to be recycled?

We can accept items the size of a two-slice toaster or smaller. Please make sure they are tied up loosely in a standard-sized carrier bag. 

We have limited space on our collection vehicles, so please put these items out little and often. If items are not collected due to lack of space, please put them out again the following week for collection.

What electrical items can be collected?

We can accept items the following items:

  • blenders
  • calculators
  • cameras
  • chargers
  • clippers
  • clocks
  • coffee grinders
  • coffee machines
  • curlers
  • drills
  • DVD players
  • electrical cables
  • electric and battery-powered toys
  • electric scales
  • electric shavers
  • electric toothbrushes (leave battery in)
  • electric whisks
  • extensions leads
  • fans
  • games consoles and controllers
  • grinders
  • hair dryers
  • hair straighteners
  • hand-held hoovers
  • hi-fi equipment
  • impact drivers
  • irons
  • juicers
  • kettles
  • keyboards and computer mice
  • lamps (lightbulbs removed)
  • laptops (leave battery in)
  • light switches
  • mains sockets
  • mobile phones (leave battery in)
  • printers (remove ink cartridges and toner)
  • radios
  • remote controls
  • routers
  • sanders
  • sandwich makers
  • set top boxes
  • soldering irons
  • tablets (leave battery in)
  • telephones
  • thermostats
  • toasters
  • vapes and disposable vapes
  • VHS players
  • watches

This is not a complete list.

What electrical items cannot be collected?

We cannot accept the following items:

  • anything bigger than a two-slice toaster
  • anything sharp, for example an electric knife
  • cookers
  • desktop computers
  • large white goods
  • microwave ovens
  • vacuum cleaners

What do I do with larger electrical items?

You can visit your local recycling centre if you have electrical items larger than a two-slice toaster.

You can also request a bulky waste collection by calling 0330 1099 220 or emailing norfolkwaste@serco.com.

What if I cannot remove a battery from my small electrical item?

For items such as laptops, mobile phones and electric toothbrushes, we can collect them with the batteries still inside.

What if my small electrical item is still in good condition or just needs a service?

If your items are still working and could be used by someone else, please consider donating them to a charity shop or a reuse café. Ideally, we only want items at the end of their usable life.

Why is it important to recycle my electrical items?

If your item is at the end of its life and there is no way to reuse it, the next best thing is to recycle the valuable materials in the product. With the declining supply of natural resources, it's important that we all recycle these valuable materials.

How will the electrical items be recycled?

Your items will be taken to the waste facility, where they will be sorted based on size and shape. Non-recyclable materials will be removed and recyclable materials will be sorted and then repurposed into different products. For example, aluminium and steel will be turned into new cans or car parts and glass into new bottles or windows.

What if I have a sack collection?

Currently, this service is only available for properties with a wheelie bin. We are working hard to find a solution to offer the service to all our residents. However, you can recycle small electrical items at your local recycling centre or book a bulky waste collection for larger items.

What if I live in a flat and my waste is collected from large shared bins?

We are currently unable to provide this collection service for properties with large shared bins. However, you can recycle small electrical items at your local recycling centre or book a bulky waste collection for larger items.