Does my business need approval?

The only exception to the requirement to register a business applies to those businesses that need to be approved under EU legislation before they are allowed to operate.

Approval does not usually apply to businesses that sell most, or all, their food to the final consumer, for example, retailers, cafes, restaurants, pubs, hotels, residential homes.

Approval only applies to:

  • Businesses that sell most, or all, of their food to other businesses; and
  • Produce products of animal origin, which are defined as:
    • Minced Meat and Meat Preparations
    • Meat Products
    • Live Bivalve Molluscs
    • Fishery Products
    • Raw Milk and Dairy Products
    • Eggs and Egg Products

Lists of these premises can be found by visiting the 'List of approved establishments' on the Food Standards Agency website.

The following flowchart, which includes definitions of key terms, may help you to decide whether you need approval.

However, since the rules relating to approval are complex, we strongly recommend that you contact us, using the details in the sidebar, before applying.

Apply for approval

The application will be determined within 28 days from the receipt by this authority of an acceptable and complete application.

For a valid application we require all the information listed in part 8 of the application form, as well as confirmation of the business' compliance with the Regulation (EC) No 853/2004 and other appropriate hygiene regulations, as provided by the Commercial team, following an inspection.

The following may be of assistance with your application: