If a public consultation is required for any of the schemes listed below the details on how to comment is included within the individual documents.

Norfolk County Council Highways Management Orders

There are currently no orders for Norfolk County Council.

North Norfolk District Council Orders

NNDC New Parking Order: Off-street Parking Places and Civil Enforcement Order 2022

On 6 June 2022, the District Council’s Cabinet carefully considered the 12 responses received and made the following decision.

That the Council makes the car park order with one modification as they consider:

  • charges have not increased since 2016
  • season ticket prices have not increased and still provide excellent value for money for residents

The modification concerns an error in the consultation documents such that the long-stay season tickets will not be permitted on:

  • Albert Street (Holt) 
  • Staithe Street (Wells)

Other than at the discretion of the Council – and as previously enforced. 

These car parks are believed to support the town’s retail and service industry areas. To best serve those local economies, only short-stay permits are permitted.

The Council intends to introduce the order on 5 July 2022.

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