How we can help if you are homeless and have nowhere to sleep tonight, have been rough sleeping, or are in danger from the threat of violence or abuse.

Please call our Housing Team on 01263 513811 or email for advice and support.

Contact our emergency out of hours on 01223 849782 if you have nowhere to stay outside office hours or over the weekend.

For people who are sleeping rough

Rough sleeping is the most acute form of homelessness. It can happen because of:

  • losing work
  • relationship breakdown
  • traumatic life events
  • mental ill health
  • problems with drugs and alcohol  

It can push people already on the brink of homelessness or rough sleeping.

How can we help 

We have a skilled and dedicated accommodation and support team to provide short and long-term support to people who are rough sleeping. 

You can get advice and information that is more specific to your situation, including:

  • finding safe emergency accommodation
  • accessing medical help
  • making a homeless application and discussing the different housing options
  • reconnecting with a family member
  • advice on claiming benefits you may be entitled to
  • support with independent living when you're ready to move into longer-term accommodation and help sustain your tenancy

How to help a rough sleeper in your area

If you see someone sleeping rough and want help, you can alert them via Streetlink.

StreetLink is a platform that connects people who are rough sleeping in England and Wales to support provided by local authorities and charities. This includes anyone sleeping outside, preparing to bed down, or sleeping somewhere not designed for habitation, such as a car. To make these connections, the platform relies on alerts submitted by people sleeping rough and members of the public.

To make an alert, follow these three steps:

1. Locate: Pinpoint a specific location where you have seen the person sleeping rough using our map feature and include a written description of the location.

2. Describe: Provide details of the time the person was sleeping rough at the location and any further information about their appearance that can help identify them.

3. Submit: Once submitted, your alert goes to North Norfolk District Council.

This information will enable us to investigate further and offer support. 

When people refuse offers of help

The Council and other agencies who work to support people sleeping rough do not give up when this happens.

Homelessness is a complex issue, and many reasons why someone may refuse help and choose to remain on the streets.

We provide reassurance that people are not left with no help. Support is always left open, and where possible, we will maintain regular contact and continue working with each person to help and understand their problems.

If the person needs urgent medical help or is under 18, call the police on 999.

Severe weather

The council starts its severe weather emergency provision whenever the outside temperature is predicted to hit zero degrees or below.

Emergency accommodation may be provided during severe weather for people sleeping rough in North Norfolk. It is known as Severe Weather Emergency Provision (SWEP). However, emergency accommodation isn’t provided during all severe weather. For example, we don’t offer it routinely during hot weather. We contact the person and offer advice about hydration, sunscreen and shelter.

Contact 01263 513811 if you are rough sleeping during periods of severe weather.

The accommodation and support team will arrange and provide emergency accommodation during severe weather to create safe spaces for people sleeping rough, to leave the streets and take shelter from harmful weather conditions.

The accommodation and support team provide access to the SWEP. The Council starts its severe weather emergency provision whenever the outside temperature is predicted to hit zero degrees or below.