The North Norfolk District Council Corporate Plan 2019 to 2023 sets out what this Council wants to achieve in the months and years ahead

North Norfolk District Council’s Corporate Plan 2019 - 23 sets out the Council’s priorities until 2023. It guides business decisions to ensure that the council is well-run and able to meet its objectives.

The Corporate Plan is a strategic document, listing the priorities for council actions for the period 2019 to 2023, giving our shared vision and our values and listing the priority areas on which the council intends to concentrate its efforts:

  • Local Homes for Local Need
  • Boosting Business Sustainability and Growth
  • Customer Focus
  • Climate, Coast and the Environment
  • Financial Sustainability and Growth
  • Quality of Life​

You can check out the priorities in our Corporate Plan in more detail or view the delivery plan.

View the Corporate Plan

Performance Portal

View our Performance Portal to discover our Corporate Plan and Delivery Plan for 2019 to 2023, including

  • our themes and objectives,
  • our key performance measures, including the targets we have set ourselves and how we are doing against them, and
  • our progress in completing the actions in our Delivery Plan.

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