The Government requires that Local Planning Authorities should ensure that there is a regular supply of land that is suitable, available and deliverable for housing development.

The amount of land available should be sufficient to fulfil the housing requirement for the next five years.

Five Year Housing Land Supply Statements are prepared by North Norfolk District Council to help predict the amount of housing that will be built in the district over the next five years.

These statements identify how many dwellings already have planning permission but have not yet been built and make allowances for some sites which have not yet secured planning permission but where the likelihood of development taking place in the next five years is high.

To inform the preparation of future land supply statements, we commissioned an update to the 2017 Strategic Housing Market Assessment. This update considers the current evidence in relation to future housing requirements in the district and should be read alongside the Five Year Land Supply Statement.

In 2022, Natural England advised us that in large parts of the district, we should only grant planning permissions for new dwellings if it is shown they do not add to nutrient pollution levels in the River Wensum or Norfolk Broads. We are considering how this will impact future housing delivery and will update the Five Year Land Supply Statement in spring 2023. We accept that due to the impacts of nutrient pollution and the delays in housing delivery, the district is currently unable to demonstrate a five year housing land supply.

To view the Five Year Housing Land Supply Statements, please visit the monitoring section of the Document Library.