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Current Local Plan (LDF) documents 

Procedural Documents Date Published
Core Strategy (incorporating Development Management Policies)  Related content September 2008
Core Strategy Sustainability Appraisal   September 2008
Proposals Map Related content September 2008
Site Allocations Plan Related content February 2011
Site Allocations Plan Sustainability Appraisal   February 2011
Coastal Erosion Guidance Related content April 2009
Design Guide Related content December 2008
Landscape Character Assessment                                                      Related content June 2009
Open Space Practice Guidance & Maps Annex                                  Related content September 2009

Emerging Local Plan documents 

Procedural Documents Date Published
Local Development Scheme Related content August 2015
Statement of Community Involvement Related content January 2016 
Consultation Documents Date Published
Regulation 18 Notification (Subjects of the Local Plan) Related content  August 2015
Sustainability Appraisal Draft Scoping Report  Related content  October 2016 
Neighbourhood Plan Documents Date Published
Corpusty and Saxthorpe Pre-Submission Neighbourhood Plan Related content  June 2017 

 Evidence Base

Community and Leisure Date Published
Indoor Leisure Facilities Strategy Related content August 2015
Employment and Retail Date Published
Business Growth and Investment Opportunities Study   November 2015
Housing and Economic Land Availability Assessment Methodology   March 2016 
Housing and Economic Land Availability Assessment Part 2 Employment Land   Expected July 2017 
Retail and Main Town Centre Uses Study Related content  March 2017 
Environment Date Published
Sustainability Appraisal Draft Scoping Report Related content October 2017
Visitor Impact Assessment on European Protected Sites   January 2017 
Housing Date Published
Caravan Needs Assessment   Expected July 2017
Five Year Housing Land Supply Statement 2016  Related content April 2016 
Housing Land Availability Annual Summary Related content June 2016 
Housing & Economic Land Availability Assessment Methodology   March 2016 
Housing & Economic Land Availability Assessment Part 1 Housing Land Related content June 2017 
Older Persons Accommodation Needs Assessment   Expected July 2017 
Strategic Housing Market Assessment Report of Findings Part 1 & Part 2 Related content  January 2016 
Strategic Housing Market Assessment Update   Expected July 2017 
Infrastructure and Viability Date Published
Plan-Wide Viability Assessment    

Monitoring Documents

Procedural Documents Date Published
Annual Monitoring Report (2015-16)                                      Related content August 2016
Housing Land Availability Annual Summary (2016)                           Related content June 2016
Statement of 5 Year Supply of Housing Land (2016)                          Related content April 2016