The Local Plan is the key planning document for North Norfolk. This is your chance to influence its content and get involved in local planning.

Whether you are planning to undertake development or are concerned about how future development may affect your area, the Local Plan will be of interest to you. We are working with residents, local and national interest groups and service providers in order to shape a Local Plan that responds to the challenges we face around population growth and climate change, while providing the guidance that ensures the future development needs of the District are delivered in an agreed way.

A significant amount of engagement has already taken place during the evidence gathering stages of Plan preparation. This includes discussions with site owners, liaison with agents, developers, service providers and other Norfolk authorities, consulting with parish & town councils and internal departments, and, responding to queries from members of the public or organisations.

The key stages of public consultation are shown below:

First Draft Local Plan (Part 1) Consultation - May / June 2019

The Council undertook a major consultation exercise on its emerging First Draft Local Plan and a range of supporting documents between 7 May and 28 June 2019. A significant promotional campaign was undertaken in order to promote the consultation to residents and businesses. This included a series of drop-in events in key settlements across the District where members of the public could see the proposals and discuss them with planning staff. For those who missed the events, you can still view our exhibition displays: Part 1 About the Local Plan and Part 2 Town and Village Proposals.

Approximately 900 responses were received through the consultation - these can be viewed in full on the Consultation Portal. All consultation and other supporting documents can be viewed in the Document Library.

The feedback from this consultation is currently being considered and will help us to prepare a revised version of the Plan for further consultation. The next stages of preparing the Plan will be determined by the scale of changes that the Council feels are required following this consultation, and whether further evidence is required.

We intend to update our Local Plan preparation timetable once the above work is complete so as to provide clarity about the next stages.

First Draft Local Plan (Part 2) Consultation (Date TBC)

The Council proposes that small developments (0 to 20 dwellings) should be allowed in a number of villages across the District. These villages were identified in the First Draft Local Plan (Part 1) document which was published for consultation in May 2019.

It is currently intended to prepare a Part 2 Plan which will suggest potential development sites in the identified villages. Further details on this stage of public consultation will be published when available.

Final Draft Local Plan Consultation (Date TBC)

This stage of consultation will present the Council’s intended final version of the Plan for public comment. Following this consultation the Council will make any further modifications to the Plan which it feels are necessary before submitting the Plan to the Secretary of State for independent examination.

Further details on this stage of public consultation will be published when available.

How can I get involved?