Motion for the Ocean

Our support

North Norfolk District Council was the first local council in the East of England to declare an urgent need for ocean recovery.

On February 9, 2022, the council pledged their support for the Motion for the Ocean model and committed to consider ocean recovery in its decision and policy making.

It is a model developed by LGA Coastal SIG with marine experts to help local councils play their part in communicating the importance of a clean, healthy and productive ocean, which has direct economic, health and wellbeing benefits.

We are supported by the Wash and North Norfolk Marine Partnership, in our continued efforts to protect our coastal areas and oceans and by including them in our climate change plans.

Our coast and marine environment are just about the most important responsibility we have in North Norfolk. It is the economic driver, and with this comes the responsibility for its care. Being a coastal dweller and user myself, I am only too aware of how fragile the environment is and ashamed to establish that most of the marine litter comes from us on land!

With the introduction of The Motion for the Ocean at the end of 2021 at our national coastal group, the LGA Coastal SIG, I was happy to gain the support from the majority of my fellow Councillors for us being the first authority to action cleaner seas in the East of England. Can I call on all residents and visitors to help us keep our coast and sea clean and healthy?

Cllr Angie Fitch-Tillet, portfolio holder for Coast

Keeping our beaches clean

Around the district, beach clean-up groups undertake regular beach cleans to clear up the litter from our shores. If you want to get involved, please get in touch with the council at to organise an event, hire litter pickers and bag hoops, supply of sacks and collection of material after the event.

Here are some regular beach cleans happening in our area

woman clearing rubbish from beach

Norfolk Beach Cleaners Collective

Is a community of people who do beach cleaners around the district, including Cromer.

man collecting rubbish on the beach

North Norfolk Beach Cleans

They organise beach cleans around North Norfolk, along with organising talks for schools and universities.

man clearing rubbish on the beach

Norfolk Beach Cleans

The group was setup to encourage the Norfolk community to get involved in group beach cleans. They do beach cleans mainly round the Great Yarmouth area.

Can you spare 2 minutes?

The 2 Minute Foundation is a registered charity devoted to cleaning up our planet 2 minutes at a time. Throughout the North Norfolk coast, we have 2 minute beach clean boards where people can do a 2 minute beach clean.

To find your closest board visit there website.

Specialist litter bins and collections points

North Norfolk has specialist litter bins for disposable BBQs located on different beaches around the district.

In Cromer and East Runton, a bin for fishing equipment is available for the fishing community who are part of the Fishing for Litter project, which the Orsted Windfarm funds.

Our Blue Flag beaches

We have six beaches that have achieved Blue Flag status:

  • excellent water quality
  • well-managed beaches
  • environmental education programmes
  • safety and services, including lifeguards and first aid
  • litter and waste management
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Working to protect our coastline

Marine Conservation Society

In 2016 the ocean off North Norfolk was designated a Cromer Shoal Chalk Beds Marine Conservation Zone. Since 2017 the Marine Conservation Society has been working in the area with the Agents of Change project.

This project works to increase community awareness and support within the region and works as a facilitator to create a balance between policymakers, such as Defra, the community and fishermen who live and work on the coastline.

It helps to ensure and create a better value for our sea and the thriving ecosystem to stop the damage and protect our oceans.

Wash and North Norfolk Marine Partnership

The Wash and North Norfolk coast is special, with many unique marine species and habitats.

The Wash and North Norfolk Marine Partnership (WNNMP) is the organisation that manages the delivery of statutory duties to The Wash and North Norfolk Marine Protected Area network. An essential working principle for effective management is that nature conservation occurs parallel to human activities. It ensures that maritime livelihoods and the region's rich cultural heritage are sustained as part of the marine environment. Therefore, WNNMP works closely with regulators, local communities, sea users, businesses and conservation groups.

Dog beach bans

Dogs are welcome in many places in North Norfolk, but we have dog restrictions in some areas. 

They apply between 1 May and 30 September and are on specific beaches in North Norfolk, including our Blue Flag beaches.

They are in place to keep our beaches and the ocean clean and free from environmental and health hazards. And to avoid disturbing the seals and ground-nesting birds.

View where you can and can't take dogs