A Discretionary Housing Payment is a further award that you can claim if you require additional financial assistance with your rent.

It is awarded in cases where Housing Benefit does not meet the full rent charge.

The money that the Council can award each year comes directly from central Government and is strictly limited.

Discretionary Housing Payments are not intended to be long term ongoing payments; they are awarded on a short term basis to provide you with the opportunity to take action to improve your circumstances.

What if I do not agree with the DHP decision?

You cannot formally appeal against our decision not to award a Discretionary Housing Payment.

You can, however, ask the Council to internally review its decision if you write to us within one month of the date that we inform you that your claim has been refused.

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Who can qualify for a DHP?


To be eligible for a Discretionary Housing Payment towards your rent you must be entitled to Housing Benefit.

Discretionary Housing Payments will be paid at the discretion of North Norfolk District Council. We will only award this if we are satisfied that you require additional financial assistance to meet your housing costs. It cannot be awarded against ineligible services such as your utility bills.

The Discretionary Housing Payments scheme is not designed to subsidise unreasonably high rent charges.

How can I claim DHP?


Discretionary Housing Payment must be claimed by completing a DHP claim form. If you require assistance completing your form please contact us using the details in the sidebar.

Upon receipt of your claim we will assess your application based upon the information you have provided. However we may request further information from you to support your claim.

We will write to advise you of our decision regarding your Discretionary Housing Payment application. Either how much you have been awarded and for what period, or an explanation of our decision should your application be refused.