Find out the location of your local polling station for upcoming elections

When voting, you must attend a specific polling station. Details of your polling station will be on your poll card, which will be sent to you before a major election. Smaller parish or town council by-elections may not send out poll cards if the parish or town council decide not to use them.

Each person registered to vote should receive their own poll card. It tells you:

  • the date of the election
  • where your polling station is
  • the hours of the poll

You do not need to take the poll card with you to be able to vote.

When a polling station changes, you will be contacted in writing to confirm which polling station to use instead as soon as possible. This change will also be on the poll cards sent out.

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County Elections

At elections for Norfolk County Council, some parishes must vote elsewhere if their polling station is not in the same County Division. For the 2021 Norfolk County Council elections, this covered the following polling stations:

Parish Alternative polling station
East Beckham (GR4) The Wheatsheaf Public House, Church Road, West Beckham, NR25 6NX
Matlaske (GR8) St Peters Church, The Street, Matlaske, NR11 7AQ
North Walsham Town Centre West (NWX2) A temporary polling station was set up in the car park of the Church Hall*
Sustead (ER8) Gresham Village Hall, Cromer Road, Lower Gresham, NR11 8RF
West Beckham (GR10) The Wheatsheaf Public House, Church Road, West Beckham, NR25 6NX

* The North Walsham Town Centre wards could not use the same polling venue as they are situated in different County Divisions.