Details of any current councillor vacancies, upcoming elections, parish polls and referendums, including notices of elections

Elections notices

There are currently no election notices.

Parish elections

There are currently no parish elections.

Check if you're registered to vote

You can check if you are registered at your current address, please check before you register to vote. We will respond promptly, letting you know if you are required to register.

Voter ID

You now must show an accepted photo ID to vote at the polling station. These changes have been introduced under the Elections Act 2022.

Voter ID and Voter Authority Certificate FAQS (PDF)

Postal and proxy voting

You can find information on voting by post, including an application form.

There are no requirements for photo ID when applying to vote by post.

Proxy voting

You can find information on voting by proxy, including an application form.

An appointed proxy voting at the elector's polling station must show an acceptable form of their own photographic ID to receive a ballot paper.