In this section, you will find full details of North Norfolk District Council’s Economic Strategy, the Local Plan, local economic data and supporting information on the district’s key sectors.

Economic strategy

North Norfolk District Council’s Economic Strategy and Action Plan for 2023 to 2027 sets out the approach and actions the Council will undertake to support the growth of the local economy over the next four years.

Front cover for economic strategy and action plan

This document sets out a strategic framework for economic development and has been prepared based on a detailed body of evidence.

The focus of delivery is built around three high-level objectives within the Corporate Plan that are centred on supporting the local economy:

  • creating an environment for business to thrive in
  • infrastructure to support growth
  • skills for jobs

The accompanying action plan outlines the projects, initiatives, and activities the Council will undertake to support the delivery of the three priority objectives.

Key sector: Manufacturing

The North Norfolk Manufacturing Group (NNMG) has been set up by New Anglia Advanced Manufacturing and Engineering (NAAME) in partnership with North Norfolk District Council.

The group aims to create a powerful voice for the needs of manufacturing and engineering businesses in the district. Outcomes will inform the NAAME board, thus enabling a voice to be heard and to lobby for what businesses need.

The group is also a networking opportunity for businesses to identify collaborations, build supply chains, learn from one another, and embed best practices.

Key sector: Visitor economy

Visit North Norfolk

Visit North Norfolk

Visit North Norfolk is the official not-for-profit destination management organisation (DMO) for the north Norfolk area, partnered with North Norfolk District Council.

The role of Visit North Norfolk is to promote the area as a holiday destination and support north Norfolk tourism businesses by helping them to achieve a higher profile than they would alone.

The fully-responsive website and diverse and engaging marketing campaigns help to raise the profile of north Norfolk and its businesses as a popular destination for a holiday or short break in the UK.

Visit North Norfolk is a membership organisation and not-for-profit.

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Tourism Business Survey

Tourism Business Survey 2023

The Tourism Business Survey is an independent annual survey by Larking Gowen, with the support of Visit Norfolk, Visit Suffolk and Visit Essex.

It is designed to gain valuable insights into the performance and practices of businesses in the Tourism and Leisure industry in East Anglia.

The survey results are used to identify trends and best practices in the industry. You can use this information to inform the development of new products or services, marketing strategies and other business practices that could help your business better meet customers' needs and stay competitive in the market.

Key sector: Fisheries

Renaissance of the East Anglian Fisheries (REAF)

Renaissance of the East Anglian Fisheries (REAF)

Renaissance of the East Anglian Fisheries is a partnership between public and private sector organisations with a common interest in the future of the fisheries and seafood sector in East Anglia.

Chaired by Peter Aldous MP, REAF was founded on the belief that the local fishing industry and the coastal communities in East Anglia should enjoy the benefits of the rich fisheries off their coast.

REAF aims to ensure a sustainable and profitable future for the East Anglian fishing industry.

Please email if you require any further information.

Local Plan

The draft Local Plan is currently undergoing independent examination. The new Local Plan will guide development decisions in North Norfolk until at least 2036.

The purpose of the North Norfolk Local Plan is to set out the long term vision and strategy for how towns, villages and the countryside of North Norfolk will develop and evolve up to 2036. The Local Plan sets the planning framework with land use policies and development proposals which provide the foundation to guide, support, and deliver sustainable and climate resilient development in North Norfolk through planning decisions.

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North Norfolk data profiles and reports

In this section, you will find a range of local economic data profiles and reports for north Norfolk.