North Norfolk's beaches offer a wonderful setting for beach parties and barbeques.

Organisers need to be mindful of other beach users and follow the guidelines and requirements listed at the bottom of the page.

Beaches that allow barbecues

Barbeques are allowed on the beaches below and are highlighted on the following maps:

BBQ dos and don'ts

  • No glass or glass utensils shall be used at the event or taken to the beach.
  • No open fires! Including bonfires or campfires due to the health and safety risks.
  • All rubbish and litter to be cleared away directly after the event and taken away with you.
  • Noise should be kept to a minimum. Music and generators are not allowed.
  • Do not bury rubbish in the sand, where it may cause a health and safety hazard to other beach users.
  • Do not bury portable or disposable BBQs in the sand where they cause problems for future beach users. 
  • Extinguish or cool BBQs and take them home with you or place them in a BBQ disposal bin.
  • Any planned events shall be entirely at the owner’s risk.
  • If you have applied for an event, we cannot guarantee that your party will have exclusive use of the designated area.
  • At least one responsible adult must be in attendance at all times.