North Norfolk is vulnerable to severe weather for several reasons:

  • The landscape is relatively flat meaning it is exposed to the effects of storms, high winds and snow.
  • The road network is mainly rural which means we are perhaps more likely to encounter difficult driving conditions during poor weather than on main roads and motorways.
  • The chances of being isolated during severe weather is greater for rural areas than urban areas.

Heat waves are also forms of severe weather.

Special consideration should be given to the vulnerable, including the young and elderly, in all conditions of severe weather.

The Meteorological Office is responsible for issuing severe weather warnings, which are widely shared with the public and professional partners through the media and via their website.

What to do in severe weather?

Follow the guidance on what to do in the event of severe weather provided by the Meteorological Office, by following the links below:

Travel conditions and information during severe weather are provided below:

  • Road traffic
  • Rail
  • Air – detailed information may be available from your airline

Driving in severe weather conditions is to be avoided where possible. The Met Office, driving in severe weather page offer additional advice regarding travelling by car.

View the Met Office Severe Weather Warning guide