How to report antisocial behaviour and what to do if you're not satisfied with the response.

How to report

Please use our online forms if you wish to report any of the following:

Alternatively, call the Environmental Protection team on 01263 516085.

ASB Case Review 

The ASB Case Review is a process you can use to ask agencies to review their response to antisocial behaviour or hate incidents you have reported.

It ensures all agencies work together to try and resolve any ongoing complaints about antisocial behaviour. We will do this by:

  • discussing the problem
  • sharing information
  • using our resources to try and reach an agreeable outcome

Visit the ASB Case Review page for further information.


The North Norfolk Operational Partnership Team (OPT) coordinates the response of the Norfolk Safer Communities Partnership in tackling antisocial behaviour (ASB) across the district. The North Norfolk OPT includes representatives from:

For a consistent approach, we work with a wide range of agencies, such as the:

  • police
  • probation
  • youth and social services
  • local registered social landlords 

The partners operate a 'Right First Time' protocol where any complaint of ASB would be taken and directed to the correct agency for investigation.

Support for victims of domestic abuse

North Norfolk District Council is actively working with the police, Leeway Women's Aid and other local authorities to help and support the victims of domestic violence. 

Support can be in the form of a 'Sanctuary'. This support can include providing the following:

  • security doors
  • moving letterboxes
  • supplying outside lights

Or through outreach support by providing guidance to women still in an abusive relationship on how to stay safe and make choices about their situation.

Action plan

Download our action plan. Making a safety plan is a way of helping to protect yourself and your children. It helps to think of things in advance and consider how you can increase your safety within the relationship or if you decide to leave.