How to apply

Anyone who is registered to vote can apply for a postal vote.

For security reasons, we require the following:

  • your signature
  • date of birth
  • your National Insurance number or
  • where you do not have your National Insurance number, a form of identification such as your driver's licence or passport.

Voting by post is an easy and convenient way of voting if you cannot get to the polling station. Ballot papers will be sent to your address before polling day so that you can cast your vote and return it by post.

From 31 October 2023, the way you apply for a postal, proxy and postal proxy vote has changed.

The application process has moved to an online government portal.

On the portal, you can go through the application process, where you will need to provide all the necessary information detailed above to make your application. You will also be required to upload a specimen of your signature, which you must provide when you complete and return your postal voting statement with your ballot paper ahead of an election.

If you are unable to use the new online application portal, you can still apply using the paper form, which you can download and print.

You must be registered to vote or have already made an application to register to vote to apply for a postal vote. If you are not sure if you are already registered to vote, you can use our online form to check.

Once you have completed your paper application form, you can email it to or send it by post to:

Electoral Services
North Norfolk District Council
Holt Road
NR27 9EN

Please make sure you complete your application form in wet ink using a pen. Forms completed with a digital signature are invalid and will require a new application form to be completed.

Cancelling a postal vote

If you no longer wish to vote by post, please contact us in writing, either by email or post, using the details above to advise us of your name and address and confirming your wish to cancel your postal vote.

Permanent postal vote applications will now be in place for three years unless we are advised it is to be cancelled before expiry. We will contact you ahead of the three-year expiry date about renewing your application.

For further information, please visit the Electoral Commission website.