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To promote openness and transparency, the UK government recommends that local authorities publish specific key data (facts and figures).

These are listed in the Department for Communities and Local Government's (DCLG) Local government Transparency Code 2015.

The Transparency agenda sets out to open up government and public services. Open data is not only about supporting local transparency and accountability but is also a driver to engage and empower citizens and communities, foster improvement and efficiencies and drive social and economic growth. Open civil society, technical advances on the internet, greater accountability and efficiencies in delivering public services drive the opening up of public sector data. Open data means the data is free to access, use and reuse and is available via the internet based on the open government licence.

Councils are encouraged to make data openly available in ways that lead to greater take-up for use in self-assessments, self-service and development of data services and online tools in a growing online service market place.